Hot Girls Wanted (Bauer & Gradus, 2015)

This much talked about documentary from Sundance is now on Netflix. I reviewed it at Christianity Today Movies & TV. I encourage you to check out the full review at that site. (Just click on the name of the site if you can’t see the hyper-link.)

I don’t typically tease reviews here that I post there*, but I thought this one might generate some comments. CT doesn’t accept reader comments on full reviews (or most of its content), so I’m putting a teaser here in case any readers want to leave me comments.

*Some reviews originally posted at CT get republished here after ninety days.



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  1. Ms. Chanadoor

    In my view the big take-away is the prevalence of abuse porn. Kinsey researchers estimate that 40% of all porn shoots fall into that category. (Based on the documentary’s anecdotes, we must allow that some of the more innocent stuff in the other 60% consists of “non-fully consenting teen with old guy” porn.)

    The documentary claimed abuse porn sites get more traffic than the likes of,, and hotwire.

    Also, it wasn’t that the actress ritualistically made herself vomit; what the man was doing made her vomit due to roughness, etc.

    It strikes me that the actress would be considered a victim of assault if she were not party to a monetary transaction… and of course it would be an illegal transaction if conducted between individuals. Somehow there’s a loophole allowing sex, even abusive sex acts, to be paid for (and filmed, and shown to the world) if the transaction is between an actress and a production company.

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