Shore Scripts Writing Contest — Closed

You’ve done it! You’ve finished your masterpiece, a script destined to wow the critics and win a slew of awards…

Now what?

Send it to an agent? Go to film school and hope you meet a director looking for a writing partner?  Ask your professor who is a film critic?

Getting someone to read your writing can be one of the hardest steps for anyone setting out to break into a crowded market. That’s why I am pleased to partner with Shore Scripts to offer you a chance to win a free entry into their prestigious script competition.

Just send an e-mail to with “1More Film Blog” in the subject line. They will sign you up for their e-mail newsletter and pick one 1More Film Blog reader to receive a free entry into the 2016 Script Contest. There are categories for Feature Film, Short Film, and TV Pilot.

This year’s contest includes additional funding to Shore’s Short Film Fund. The winner of the short film category is guaranteed to have her (or his) short film script produced with a budget of at least £5000. Shore claims as an alumnus Ben Cleary, an Oscar Winner for Best Short Film:

Thinking more about writing a feature or television pilot? Shore’s winning scripts are read by 32 Oscar, Bafta, Emmy, Golden Globe & Cannes award winning judges, and are sent to over 70 production companies and agents from around the world.

As any aspiring writer knows, contest entry fees can accumulate pretty quickly. Shore Scripts normally charges £30($41) for a feature entry. That’s why 1More Film Blog is so excited to get a reader a free entry. The opportunity to have one’s prospective script read by industry professionals with a proven track record for discovering talent is a beginning writer’s dream.

Worried your script isn’t quite ready yet? You can also request a professional script analysis (for a fee) to help get you unstuck.

So pull that last draft out of your drawer, boot up the word processor and finish it. In the meantime, send your e-mails to with 1More Film Blog in the Subject Line.

Nothing would please me more than to be reviewing your produced film in these pages. Good luck, and start typing!


Update: Congratulations to 1More Film Blog reader Les Nordman for winning a free entry into Shore’s annual script writing contest.

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