SXSW — David Gordon Green, John Cusack, Sally Field, Brian Wilson, and Ex Machina

Ever wonder what a press conference or Q&A session is like at a major film festival. Here’s a taste of what it’s like:

First up, Alex Garland, Oscar Isaac, and Domhnall Gleeson discuss festival headliner Ex Machina.

Festival favorite David Gordon Green discusses working with Al Pacino…and bees!


John Cusack discusses researching his role as Brian Wilson in Love & Mercy.


The volume is little off on this video, so here’s a transcript:

“Well […] ┬áto just be around Melinda and Brian. You could see how ferociously Melinda was protective of Brian, how much she loves him…and how…how ┬ámuch…how good they are together.”

Here’s Brian Wilson at the press conference vouching for the accuracy of the film and admitting that parts of it are still a bit too raw for him to watch:

brian wilson

Finally, check out Sally Field taking questions after Hello, My Name is Doris. She praised director Michael Showalter for keeping the energy up on the set and guiding the cast through a quirky comedy that mixed elements of farce and pathos.


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