2010 Favorites — 1More Podcast Episode 8

Cynthia L. Morefield serves as guest host for a round table discussion of the best films of 2010.  Peter Waldron and Elizabeth Rambo share some of their favorite films and look for trends amongst the films we liked best.

Toy Story 3 versus Tangled.

Human interaction versus spectacle.

Who is tired of movies about misunderstood villains, and who is making a new year’s resolution to watch less previews? The ladies speak up for Scott Pilgrim and The Social Network. Scott Pilgrim gets compared to True Grit, Winter’s Bone gets compared to Made in Dagenham, and Inception gets compared to….Titanic?!?!?!

Also, when crying every ten minutes makes for a joyous experience.

One just never knows where the discussion will go when this group gets together.

To play or download the podcast, click on the link below, or search for 1More Film Blog on Itunes:

2010 Favorites — 1More Podcast Episode 8

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