The Purge: Anarchy Prize Pack Giveaway (Completed)

I’m happy to partner with a blog sponsor to offer another fun giveaway. We’re offering a prize pack to one lucky reader, including:

– The Purge: Anarchy Promo T-shirt (size L)
– The Purge: Anarchy Promo Flashlight
– The Purge: Anarchy Drawstring Bag
– The Purge: Anarchy Whistle
– The Purge: Anarchy First Aid Kit

Want a survival pack? Simply run your mouse over the GIFs below to control the scene, and then leave a comment saying what you would do to try to survive Purge Night if you were a character in the movie. If your strategy includes one of the items from your survival kit, I’ll count your entry twice!

I’ll pick a winner at random from the entrants on August 1.

Now, I know it seems strange to have rules for a contest about a movie with the word “Anarchy” in the title, but we live in the real world, so rules there must be:

Each household is only eligible to win One (1) Purge Deluxe Prize Pack via blog reviews and giveaways. Only one entrant per mailing address per giveaway. If you have won the same prize on another blog, you will not be eligible to win it again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification.

10 Replies to “The Purge: Anarchy Prize Pack Giveaway (Completed)”

  1. Pierre Mosbey

    I would use my whistle to call out some goons. Once they came, I would offer them a bunch of money to stand watch. Now I would obviously tell them I can’t get the money out until the morning so they don’t kill me. Or I’ll just get alligators and place them around the outside of the house. Either or.

  2. michael1977

    I would take my first aid kit, t-shirt & flash light and head to the sewer. The flash light part is easy when in the sewer, obviously it will be dark. However, it is also quite nasty, so I’d see on the t-shirt, or use it to lean against something to rest. The first aid kit will come in handy since I am bound to hurt myself on something disgusting down there with the mole people. Hopefully the crazies will not think of any of this.

  3. doreenwrks

    I would have my family and I in a PANIC ROOM like Jodie Foster style with the First Aid Kit of course! 🙂 We’d have everything we would need i there and some weapons as well if EVIL came into our home!


  4. Cheryl

    I would stay indoors wearing my Purge t-shirt and hide out in a panic room with my Purge drawstring bag carrying the flashlight, whistle, and first aid kit.

  5. Jenna O

    I would go to my panic rooom and call to my Vin Diesel sized boyfriend to help me! D: And keep the first aid kit close to me, just in case the Vin Diesel of my life wouldn´t come.. 😀


    I would wrangle the bus using the cord from the flashlight. From there, I would take the wheel. Behind me, I would create a flame retardant wall using the moistened towelettes from the first aid kit. Why would I do this? Because no one f**ks with a flaming bus traveling at 55mph!

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