Blog Disclosure Policy Abbreviations

It is the policy of this blog that if the editor or reviewer has received from the producers or marketers of a film a complementary screener, free admission to a public (or private) screening, or any form of direct or indirect compensation for expenses incurred (such as for travel) in the process of reviewing a film, it will usually be noted in the review for that film. (Failure to disclose can sometimes be accidental.) Advertising not limited to separate frames or widgets will be disclosed via page tags. In the current WordPress theme, disclosure tags can normally be found directly beneath the “Share This” widget.  (Updated: June 2014)

The following are explanations of abbreviations used in a review page to indicate disclosures:

CS: Complementary Screening (Reviewer was granted admittance to a screening for free.)

AS: Advanced Screening (Reviewer was allowed to screen the film prior to its official release date.)

DVDS: Reviewer or Editor was provided with a DVD Screener (copy of the film on DVD) or secure online link in order to screen the film.

TE: Travel Expenses (Reviewer was reimbursed by the studio or marketing company for some expense associated with the screening of the film, including travel to a screening or junket or accommodations necessitated by attendance at such an event.)

BK: Complementary book for review.

CD: Musical CD for review, whether on its own or as part of a package promoting another media venture such as a film.

SEOL–One or more external links (sometimes referred to as Search Optimization Links or SEO Links) are included in a page in return for compensation from a paid advertiser.

The following are not necessarily noted under the blog disclosure policy as they are considered to be self-evidently disclosed by their existence/presence: money received for advertising in designated blog advertising spaces (whether directly or indirectly such as through a third party such as Google Ads or Patheos); access to associated actors, directors, or affiliated persons of interest connected to the film whether in the form of an exclusive interview or as part of the receipt of a press kit or public press conference;