Family Affair (Colvard, 2010)

Family Affair

One in four.

In an age of information glut, the power of certain numbers lies not in their ability to shock us but in their ability to slide by, barely making an impression.

One in four women over the age of eighteen has experienced some form of sexual abuse. Continue reading “Family Affair (Colvard, 2010)”

Chico Colvard Interview

The director of C-Line Films’ Family Affair, Chico Colvard attempts to tell the story of family incest from the perspective of one who is neither victim nor abuser.

Of course, one can’t explore the film nor talk with Colvard too long without realizing that these easy, discrete categories don’t always neatly demarcate the experiences of those who know victims or perpetrators of sexual abuse. Continue reading “Chico Colvard Interview”