The Armstrong Lie (Gibney, 2013)


Allow me to present to you a hypothetical situation.

A person–doesn’t have to be a friend of yours necessarily, just someone you know or have heard of–is diagnosed with cancer. This person decides not to undergo any type of chemotherapy treatment or ingest any available medicines—because he equates treatment to “cheating.” Would you not think this an asinine response? Continue reading “The Armstrong Lie (Gibney, 2013)”

Child of God (Franco, 2013)


An outsider, of “carnival folk” in a rustic, small town in the backwoods of Tennessee, Lester Ballard lives alone, fighting for his survival. In Child of God, Scott Haze depicts the tragic adult life of Ballard, a deranged and complicated character originally from Cormac McCarthy’s novel. Continue reading “Child of God (Franco, 2013)”