2015 Arts & Faith Ecumenical Jury

Through November and December, you may see some reviews marked as “Arts & Faith Ecumenical Jury” Nominees.

Last year a collection of film critics from various publications formed a jury to attempt to expand, enlarge, and challenge contemporary notions of what it means to call a film a “Christian film” or recommend it for Christian audiences.

The jury nominated 63 films for consideration and eventually voted on their ten recommendations. Image Magazine graciously provided space at its sponsored forum, Artsandfaith.com, for the critics to discuss the nominations and reprinted the results at its Good Letters blog.

I am happy to have been asked to serve as jury foreman again this year. We have some returning jurors as well as a few new voices. Nominations are already underway, and we will be voting and announcing our results in late December.

This year’s jurors are:

Kenneth R. Morefield–Christianity Today
Evan Cogswell–Catholic Cineplhile
Christian Hamaker–Crosswalk
Josh Hamm — Profound Distractions
Joel Mayward– The Mayward Blog
M. Leary — Filmwell
Gareth Higgins — Sojourners
Alissa Wilkinson — Christianity Today
Steven D. Greydanus — Decent Films
Peter T Chattaway — Film Chat
Colin Stacy — Reel Spirituality
Noel T. Manning II — WGWG.org Gardner-Webb Radio
Lauren Wilford —┬áMovie Mezzanine
Jeffrey Overstreet — Looking Closer
Anders Bergstrom — 3 Brothers Films

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