Gotham Episode 1.14 Recap: The Fearsome Dr. Crane


Boo! Fear was center-stage in this week’s episode of Gotham. “The Fearsome Dr.Crane” marked the official introduction of Jonathan Crane, the future super-villian Scarecrow. Who is Scarecrow? Here is a brief look at the character’s traditional background:[

However much we might like to talk about this character (in his eventual grown-up state) we have a whole episode to discuss!

The Bad

  • Look, I think Carmen Bicondova has been great as as young Selina Kyle, but I think tonight’s episode was a prime¬†example of how some characters get stuck in a waiting pattern. “Slow burns” are enjoyable, but within them you still have to develop characters, even if specific stages take a while to reach. Selina’s back and forth and conflicted nature is definitely part of the Catwoman character, but that doesn’t mean it has to be for her as a young person. Earlier this season, it felt like things were happening with her; now it just seems like she is mechanically floating around everyone else.
  • Okay, so the end. What was that? Does Fish Mooney know that person? Why were they growling at each other? I’m all for episodes occasionally having that sudden ending, but this just felt….off. Does anyone else doubt that Fish will make her way back to Gotham? We do not know if she will live through the show’s run, but without a doubt, she is coming back to Gotham from her exile, so of course she will make it out of this predicament. This is one issue the show has; with so many characters we know will be alive and (mostly well) in the future, how do we invest in the conflict happening when their lives are in peril?
  • I was disappointed that the “Duffy” billboard didn’t lead to an appearance of Jere Burns’ character, Wynn Duffy, from Justified. Some crossovers just are not meant to be I guess.

The Good

  • I loved this week’s side of Bullock. The detective always being a grump and cynical can get old, and this week reminded me of some of his portrayal from the animated series of the 90s. There was not a ton of it, but the interplay between Bullock and Gordon in this week’s episode was really fun and the more we get of that–and less of them arguing–the better.
  • Julian Sands has been in so many different things, and in each of them he brings a great performance. He was truly unsettling as the future Scarecrow’s father, and I am excited to see how his arc on the show plays out. I love that the show is going down the road with him working on what eventually becomes Scarecrow’s fear toxin. Hopefully, the show doesn’t see it fully developed, so as to give Jonathan something to work on in the future.
  • You know what this episode didn’t have? Barbara. Any coincidence that it was more enjoyable? Sure, characters mentioned her and even spent time in her place, but we were spared the character and story line. It just is not something people enjoy watching, and I think the show would be best served by cutting bait, using her death as inspiration for Gordon as well as a way to explain him naming his daughter and future Batgirl with the same name.
  • The scene between Bruce Wayne and Gordon was not especially spectacular, but I enjoy seeing Bruce sure footed and determined. I imagine the story line will somehow conclude in that the person or person’s responsible for his parent’s death will be discovered. It will be after that happens that the show will really have to deliver something special with him. It is one thing for Bruce to want answers about his parents’ death, but what leads him to want to be the answer for everyone?
  • Oswald and Maroni were such a great odd couple this week. I wish we could have had more of Maroni bringing out awkward reactions from Oswald about road trips and oatmeal, but, alas, all things must come to an end. It was great seeing how masterful Oswald is at manipulating others, it really begins planting the notion that he could take over one of these families or at least carve out a niche in Gotham. I wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of the show’s run, Penguin does take over Fish’s club and turns it into the Iceberg Lounge.
  • I enjoyed Gordon and Dr.Tompkins together as she is much more enjoyable as a character. My assumption is that Gordon’s relationship with her introduces her to Bruce as she becomes an important part of his life, helping him grieve and process the world without his parents. I’m just not sure how they will work out the dating relationship between her and the future commissioner though.

This episode was really solid and hopefully will serve as a good foothold for next week’s episode, which will build and seemingly deliver some really satisfying material.

Did you like the episode? If you attended the support group, what would be the fear you shared?

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