Emergenetics and The Social Network — 1More Podcast Episode 11

Certified Emergenetics trainer Erik Kieser joins Cindy and Ken on the podcast to discuss The Social Network and how films can illustrate the behavioral and thinking preferences in Emergenetics profiles.

Tune in for a fascinating discussion both of the film and how people communicate. Do businesses privilege left brain communication? How might a communication specialist have attempted to help Mark and Eduardo understand each other? What good is understanding someone if you can’t change their behavior?

For more information about Emergenetics, check out Erik’s Mind Colors Blog, Some history of the Emergenetics profile is here. Also, check out Erik’s handy, dandy, overview of the basics. Are there other films you would be interested in hearing discussed from an Emergenetics perspective? Send us an e-mail or leave a comment.  Click on the link below to start the podcast or search for 1More Film Blog on Itunes:

Emergenetics and The Social Network — One More Podcast Episode 11

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